How much do you charge for your time?

Nothing. I'm not a professional photographer, as in photography is not my profession. That being said, if you have the opportunity to shoot with a photographer who takes his work more seriously, I would highly suggest it. It's purely a hobby for me and something that I enjoy doing for fun. I love the fact that cosplayers actually want to have their photo taken.

Will you take my picture?

Probably. You should ask me. You're probably going to want to lower your expectations though. Like really really low.

Do you only shoot at conventions?

I mainly shoot during conventions because I haven't had the opportunity to shoot outside of them. I wouldn't mind doing an off-con photoshoot as long as i'm available. I'm around the Philadelphia area so I don't mind traveling either if it's not too far, but you should probably ask me to be sure.

What am I allowed to do with your photos that you took of me?

Pretty much whatever you want. Just don't post my photos and pretend you took them yourself. When possible, credit me and link to my facebook page. I don't have any release things to sign and fancy forms with big words that I don't understand. You can always ask for my permission if you're doing something really strange and feel hesitant about it.

I'd like to make prints using your photos. Can you tell me the details?

You like one of my photos enough to make a print? That's awesome! problem is, that I most likely didn't send you a print quality photo. E-mail me and I'll send it over. Also don't worry about paying me a portion of the profits that you make off the print. I don't need anything like that as long as you promise to put those proceeds towards your future cosplay for all your fans.

I think you took my picture at a convention. Can you send me the photos?

If I can find your photo i'd be happy to send them over. Also just so you know, I don't post all the photos I take. Therefore I encourage you to e-mail me, so I can send you extra photos I might have edited but not posted.

Do you like beer?

Beer is great. I love beer.